Raising awareness against teen violence

The Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund, through its many initiatives, will focus on raising awareness against teen violence. Youth on youth violence is under reported. Many teens won’t report being victims to their parents, teachers or police, as they fear being branded as a ‘snitch’ among other things. More action and concern is needed to end teen violence, and we hope this Fund will help raise awareness and action in our communities.

Youth violence appears to be the product of many contributing factors, including:

We agreed that there is no magic bullet to stop youth violence. It seems that the precursors to violence need to be addressed first. We need to ask some hard questions:


Why is the media so obsessed with violence?
Why are our children dying?
Why are parents over-burdened?
Why are we trying to conform so much that we are willing to destroy another schoolmate?
Why do we want to mimic people who are criminals?
Why are so many of us still being abused–systemically, publicly, emotionally and physically, and why are we allowing it?

Asking questions is just the first step for us. More than anything, what evolved from our discussions is that our voices must be heard on the issue of violence.

The seeds of anger and violence are planted when individuals are ignored or belittled. We ask you to listen and learn:

1. Involve and engage us

2. Treat us as people/citizens

3. Teach relationship and living skills

4. Promote sensitivity to multiculturalism and diversity

5. Create a system that cares

6. Support good parenting and care initiatives

7. Celebrate us

The young people who participated in the discussions met together in 6 regions in Ontario: Kenora, London, Manitoulin Island, Ottawa, Thunder Bay and Toronto. Altogether 80 youth participated, with ages ranging from 13 to 24.

Youth reaction to violence. Click to view.

Youth reaction to violence. Click to view.

Youth violence

Youth violence. Click to view.

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