Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund welcomes outside Fundraising Promotional Events sponsored and organized by school groups, individuals and organizations.

In order to ensure all events are consistent with the values of DHTBF, and in order to maintain to a positive image for our charity, we ask to approve all fundraising events in advance.You can reach us at (905) 814-1306 or by email. This will also help us determine how we may be able to provide web support, print materials & signage in assisting your fundraising effort be successful.

School Fundraising Ideas Organization Fundraising Ideas

Here are some helpful steps for organizing a fundraiser:

1. Brainstorm ideas with friends, students, teachers, co-workers and family in order choose your event. Decide who you would invite, where the event should be held, what are your costs and if weather plays a role in the success of our event.

2. Solicit a lot of help. Recruit people to help you with your fundraising plan and decide what roles everyone will have.

3. Set a realistic Goal.

4. Choose your Event theme. Set a Date, Location and Budget.

5. Call DHTBF, email or fax your Fundraising Event Plan for approval. We are always willing and able to assist.

6. Gather your Volunteer Help for your event. Have a Planning Committee.

7. Advertise your event. emarket to your contact list, design posters, advertise in local newspapers and community listings eg: Facebook, Twitter.

8. Give yourself,your committee and volunteers a round of applause for a job well done. You have helped “at-risk teens” to step toward a safer and better journey to adulthood.

Thank you!

In Drew’s memory, we will all make a difference in the lives of “turnaround teens”.

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