Life After Death


In memory of Drew Hildebrand

Some say life after death could never go on,

Oh, I think that that they couldn’t be more wrong,

The voices of ghosts carry out their songs,

Swiftly mistaken as a howl in the wind,

And brushed off as cold when touching the skin,

But can’t you feel its stone cold presence?

There is no way that I could ever deny it

I kept my grasp on the presence near,

And a solemn sort of noise had come to me,

Much beyond peace or serenity,

Could be heard by the ear,

But to the eye, unperceived,

Like the voices of the hidden,

Came wandering though,

Like the light’s ray of motion in the underground blue,

With pockets and slits engulfed in sound,

Like a fable being told, hushed the voices all around,

Though a mind may drift,

Between reality and abyss,

And though the darkened sky,

May silent prayers and lonely wishes,

A soul may stay like this forever,

A haunted soul, to heal, must wander,

And though they may wander the world,

They’ll be with you in spirit,

They’ll find their place, and establish it,

But for eternal search,

They will stop at no cost,

May you rest in peace,

Knowing he’ll never be lost.

Posted May 4th, 2011

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