Volunteers of all ages play a key role in helping the Drew Hildebrand Teen Benefit Fund achieve its goals. Our volunteers contribute their time, talents and generosity.

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Volunteer Committee:

At our monthly meetings, committee members assist:

Your volunteer hours go towards your high school community hours.63907_473161272790816_828920183_n 1005880_427181354055475_999769680_n1380342_485755321531411_437941065_n

6th Annual Race For Teens At-Risk

Sunday June 8, 2013, Park Arrival 6 am

A community event in support of Teens At-Risk.
Coronation Park, Oakville

  • Monthly Committee Members needed-Adult
  • Obtaining Donations, Corporate Sponsorships & Prizes
  • Registering Participants
  • Distribution of posters, pledge forms and marketing materials
  • Set up and clean up at event day
  • Race Route marshals, Road Security, Water Stations, Start/Finish Line
  • Race Lunch Preparation, Bake Sale, Stage Assistance
  • Race Parking assistance and parking safety
  • Office Mailings
  • Student Volunteers ages 13 and up

6th Annual, Golf for Teens At-Risk

Tuesday August 19, 2014, Arrival 11 am

Royal Ontario Golf Club
Milton, Ontario

  • Monthly Committee Members needed-Adult
  • Obtaining golfers and sponsorship partners
  • Obtaining donations for silent auction, raffles and golfers gifts
  • Golf registration and contest planning
  • Co-ordination of silent auction and day’s event set-up
  • Student Volunteers needed on golf day to assist hole contests, registration
  • Office duties, mailings, phone calls

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